Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Where Are You Placing Your Trust This Year?

  Happy New Years Friends. I hope the first part of everyone’s year has started out on a good note! Over the last few weeks the above scripture has been on my heart a lot. It makes it pretty clear that during all that will happen in the days and weeks ahead of us, where we place our trust is crucial. Because, as the above scripture tells us, that will dictate how our lives will go.

   Will we be people who place our trust in God and be like the tree that the above scripture describes who never has to worry about anything that might happen in the world around him. Or would we rather trust in ourselves and human reasoning and be like the rootless tumble weed, drifting along aimlessly in a land where nothing grows. That tumbleweed never produces fruit Or accomplishes much either. 

Where are you placing your trust? 
Is it in God who will keep you strong through every season and keep you continually bearing fruit?
 Or is it in yourself and the wisdom that comes from man leaving you rootless and unfruitful?

Take some time today to examine your own life. What is it showing you about where you are placing your trust?
Have a blessed day,