Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Placing Our Trust Part Two

   Last week I pointed out that the Bible shows us that we have two options this year as to where we place our trust. We can either trust in ourselves and human wisdom making us like a rootless tumbleweed, haphazardly going through the year. Or we can put our trust in God and His wisdom, and be like a mighty tree with deep roots that thrives no matter what happens. The choice is ours.
   Today, the scripture that we are focusing on shows us that if our trust is in God, not in human reasoning, He will direct our paths this year. Not only will He do that but He will also make the path before us plain and straight so we won’t be able to miss His direction. If God knows how everyday of our life needs to go for us to have successful lives, wouldn’t it be in our favor to put our trust in Him and not in ourselves?
    So let me ask you, are you placing your trust in God and allowing Him to direct your path or are you like the rootless tumbleweed?      

Have a blessed day,