Thursday, November 22, 2018

A Celebration of Thanksgiving Part 2: Turning a Negative Into a Positive.

  Today we will continue a series I started last Monday. You can check that out here
God is in the business of turning our negative situations
into positive ones if we let Him

  A second thing that that I often get reminded of during this season of thankfulness is that God can take any negative situation or season we are in and turn it into a positive if we allow Him too. In fact, it gives Him great pleasure to do it for us. 

  The Bible is full of examples of people who lived through horrible situations that God turned around for the persons good. People like Joseph, Esther, Ruth and even Daniel all lived through horrible situations and came out the other side of the situation even better off than before they went into it. 

God doesn’t play favorites. What He did for these people He will do for you as well. If you let Him!

  One of the amazing things about walking with God is that we can rest fully in the fact that He does not play favorites (Rom 2:11). Just as God willingly turned every one of these people's situations around for their good, He will do it for you as well. I encourage you to take the time to study each of these people lives and see how the Bible tells us that God came through for them. I am so grateful that God loves us enough to turn our bad situations around for our good. Aren’t you!?!

See you in a few days