Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Photo Shoot and The Frog

Last Wednesday I had a photo shoot at the botanical gardens near my home and I came across this beautiful pond. As I stood at the edge of the pond I had a fleeting thought about photographing some frogs. It definitely wasn't anything I prayed about. In all honesty it wasn't even a priority. It was just a thought that ran through my brain. Unfortunately, as I looked around the pond, I couldn't find any frogs. But I did see a dragonfly! Though not quite as interesting or entertaining I was certainly content to focus my attention on this colorful insect instead. To my amazement my closeness didn't scare off the insect. So I happily took several pictures of the dragonfly and the rest of the pond. When I walked away I was fairly certain the pictures I just took were going to be amazing, and the thought of frogs long since been forgotten. I moved on.
  This is one of the pictures that I took that day. Can you see what I missed? As I looked through the photos that night can you Imagine my astonishment when lo and behold I see a frog in several of the pictures. Needless to say I was shocked.  It was a very cool sight to see. Now you're probably wondering why I've told you this story. The truth is, this is a good picture of how much God loves us. I didn't pray for Mr. Frog to show up. It was only a thought I had and a fleeting thought at that. But God loved me enough to provide the frog I was seeking. I just didn't see it at the time. God provided something that was nothing more then a thought, simply because he loves me. Remember what I said before about God not playing favorites (Romans 2:11). He loves you enough to do the very same thing for you. The God we serve loves his kids passionately and he wants to answer prayers, even the unspoken ones! 

Be blessed my friends