Monday, November 16, 2020

  This week I want to look at the next scriptures in the passage I shared last week. This passage shows us that not only does God not grow weary, but He will increase our strength as well. Whenever life feels like it’s just too much, He is there to help us keep going. Is there an area in your life where you find yourself weary? I can think of a few areas where it applies to me as well. 
   In a few weeks I will talk more in-depth about what it means to wait on God but for today, let me encourage you to turn that situation over to God. Ask Him to speak to you as you read your Bible, or ask Him to bring to mind scriptures. And then take time to be still. Think on what He has brought to mind and allow Him to build up your strength. The Bible says He never grows weary and He is an ever-present help to those in need. So lean into Him and allow Him to speak.

                                     Trey McLaughlin and SOZ 
“O Come To The Altar” Elevation Worship (cover)

 Have a blessed day and week,