Monday, November 12, 2018

A Celebration of Thanksgiving part 1

There’s Always Reason to Hope

Here in America, we are gearing up to celebrate our Thanksgiving Day holiday. As I get started posting back in this space again I thought I would start by posting four of the things that I get reminded most of during this season. Things that we have to be thankful for, but that we all to often forget. 

We are loved by God. That means there is always reason to hope.

The first things that comes to my mind is that, with God, we always have a reason to have hope. We are loved by God and because of that fact, we can trust that God always has better in store for us. No matter what our past may have held or what our current circumstances may look like, we can rest in the fact that His plans for our life are good and full of hope. This scripture in Jeremiah reminds us of this fact.

What is not understood by most is that this word “hope” used here in Jeremiah is actually talking about someone who has a confident expectation of good. So what this scripture is telling us is that we can live life in hope, confidently expecting good in the future that God has for us. 

Be encouraged today, you are loved by God and because of that you always have reason to hope. 

      We have every reason to confidently expect good, both now and for the future. 

See you next Monday